To the lighthouse art

As of this date, only a couple of things in the Lighthouse have been returned to their rightful owners.

To the lighthouse art

In a characteristically immersive and intimate presentation, this new body of To the lighthouse art layers several aspects of Boswell's varied artistic vocabulary, including small-scale, large, and site-specific drawings, video, interactive installations, and spoken word. Located within a broad history of portraiture and landscape painting, the work weaves a self-referential narrative of trauma, grief, and healing into a wider exploration of the interiority of the female body through nature, the selfie, and the sublime.

Thus this is where we start: These likenesses are intimately scattered like a mind-map amongst epic charcoal seascapes — some with waves seizing, other waters still and subdued — yet all sharing one horizon line.

The ocean waters further descend into a video lying delicately on the floor, where one may peer down to discover the artist floating in a liminal pool of memories that re-personalize the greater cultural reference to the history of landscape painting. Throughout Western art historical canons, seascapes represent a source of not only technical skill and beauty, but also the power of nature, imagination of mythology, and inexplicable wonder of the sublime.

In this borderland, where reverence and danger meet awe and renewal, a source of healing may be carefully navigated.

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Water becomes a space of not only the sublime, but of play and comfort, escape and melancholy, nostalgia and rebirth — where the power of imagination may heal reality. Furthermore, amongst the fastidiously rendered charcoal and pastel seascapes, rectangular black voids are literally cut out of the drawings, suspended in time and space.

Presently visualized as digital renders, the artist will cut these structures out in situ during the installation — an act of violence in itself. While this interactive gesture first enables viewers to assume a moment of immersive control and participatory action, the extemporaneity of these triggers and looped recordings ultimately establish a space of acquiescent immersion, suspended chance, and latent chaos — a space where undulating words recommence and intersect, like crashing waves that will inevitably resume their quiet silence.

Take me to the lighthouse There is peace there In the space between things Take me to the lighthouse There is peace there in the space between things Take me to the lighthouse And I can rage there In the space between things The words resonate and waves crash.

To the lighthouse art

A female body is turned inside out, her eyes on the surface looking deep within, and the horizon continues and continues. We are all collectively affected by intimate, unbridled moments of trauma and grief. And we may heal, together. Follow Artists In This Show.Fake, model, or art lighthouse photos are accepted, but please keep the quantity small.

We don't want to deviate too much from the original intention of the group. FEATURE LIGHTHOUSE - This months Feature Photo is the lighthouse Faro de Formentor in Mallorca.

Artwork titled "Boardwalk to the Lighthouse" by Robin Wethe Altman. This beautiful beach art tile mural will create a stunning focal point in any room of your home!

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Each of our tile murals are individually handcrafted and made to order. In Lighthouse celebrated its 40th birthday.

To the lighthouse art

As part of our celebrations sixteen pupils from Ferndown Middle School and five Arts University Bournemouth Illustration undergraduates collaborated with Horrible Histories Illustrator Martin Brown, who worked with them through a series of workshop to create their interpretation of some key moments from our year story.

What We Do. Lighthouse is a contemporary digital arts organisation. We specialise in connecting new developments in art, technology, science and so. For Sale on 1stdibs - To the Lighthouse, Acrylic Paint, Canvas by Heny Steinberg.

Offered by Artspace Warehouse. For Sale on 1stdibs - To the Lighthouse, Acrylic Paint, Canvas by Heny Steinberg. Her mid-century modern inspired paintings can be found in art collections world-wide.

Steinberg is represented in the US by Artspace Warehouse Los.

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