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Term paper lab

Norman Wade Define chemical element Copper is a chemical element naturally reddish-brown. Apart from being a good conductor or electricity, the element is found in group two of the periodic table.

It is found as a mineral of many mineral forms such as cuprite, bornite, azurite, and chalcocite. Copper also occurs in plants and animals. The commercial production of copper occurs through smelting as it is extracted from its natural ores. The element is highly reactive to oxidizing acids such as nitric acid as we shall see later in the experiment.

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Some properties of copper include having an atomic number of 29, valence of 1 and 2, and atomic weight of Purpose The purpose the experiment is to observe various properties of copper and how it reacts with various components. Hire a custom writer who has experience.

It's time for you to order amazing papers! It aims at cycling solid copper through a series of chemical forms via phase reactions 2. Learn about different types of solvent reactions 3.

Calculate percentage concentration of copper. Experiment 1 Procedure The first experiment involved the reaction of copper and concentrated nitric acid. The nitric acid was poured until it covered the copper metals. The copper was allowed to dissolve. Observation The colorless conc.

Nitric acid is poured on the brown copper metals.

Term paper lab

A reddish brown gas is produced. The gas produced is the Nitrogen IV Oxide. The solution formed is copper II nitrate. The rationale behind the reaction is that concentrated nitric acid is a strong oxidizing agent.

The compound does not dissolve in water, for that reason, it forms a precipitate.

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Term paper lab
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