Susan hiller automatic writing authors

Acclaimed as one of the most influential artists of her generation, Hiller has developed over the past forty years a practice that continuously questions belief systems and the production of meaning. Mining cultural artefacts whose potential has been previously hidden, forgotten or repressed, her work explores the liminality of irrational phenomena such as the practice of automatic writing, near-death experiences and collective encounters of unconscious, subconscious and paranormal activity.

Susan hiller automatic writing authors

Some describe it as telepathic or psychic dictation, others say you enter into a hypnotic state and your intuition guide your hand. For me it was like a conversation, and I rushed to capture everything before it slipped my mind.


There are lots of books out there on automatic writing, this is what worked for me: Bathe yourself in a cocoon of white light and throw your roots down from the bottom of your feet to the center of the earth. If this is new for you, imagine each of your legs like the trunk of a tree, and visualize roots growing down into the ground.

This helps keep you anchored, which in turn leads to clear and centered messages. It might be overkill, but I like to bring the whole crew in so I can ask for answers without worrying about who is communicating.

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This gets the energies flowing and also makes you more conscious of your own vibration. Then visualize and feel the energy flowing up both legs past the root chakra and up the spinal column, flicking on red, orange, yellow, green, purple and blue lights as it passes each of the 7 chakras.

This whole process can take minutes depending on how much control you have over your energy field. You also need to visually close and protect your chakras at the end, to keep from picking up psychic garbage.

Now here comes the fun part, pick up a pen and paper! There comes a moment when the mind chatter fades and the tone of voice changes.

Exclusive – Susan Hiller: Paraconceptual at Lisson Gallery

This is when your guides start to communicate, in my case the narrative will often change from the 1st to the 2nd person. One of the things I struggle with is knowing where the info comes from.

Is it my subconscious? Is it a spirit guide? Am I talking to myself?

susan hiller automatic writing authors

Guidance can be very very subtle, you just have to learn to recognize it. With time you may start to notice that some of your wiser thoughts come from someone else.

Clear and Shield Yourself: This releases any psychic energy.

Susan Hiller: Automatic Writing | Tate

Next visualise your Aura returning to its normal size, and arms length above, below and all around. Fill and surround yourself with violet light, intending for that light to shield you. You can also find her on:Hiller also extends intellectual irony to her experience of automatic writing in the Sisters of Menon.

“ I certainly didn’t want to leave it [automatic writing] in the wonderful realm of the occult, although it’s an area I’ve always been ironically in love with.”.

Pictures and details of Susan Hiller: Paraconceptual at Lisson Gallery, New York, April 28 – June 10, – Contemporary art with installation views functions as both a monument to the author and as a selective library on the topic of automatic writing.

Despite her early experiments with automatic writing, she spent the rest of her. Hiller’s fascination with language, voices and writing is evident throughout her work.

Latest entries

Her first experience of automatic writing occurred spontaneously while engaged in a group experiment called ‘Draw Together’ intended to explore the notion of telepathy and the transmission of ideas and images.

Over the course of her career, Hiller is known for making use of everyday phenomena and cultural artefacts from our society, drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as postcards, dreams, automatic writing, archives, Punch & Judy shows, UFO sightings, horror movies and narratives.

The writing of experimental automatic text-based pieces is one facet of Hiller’s considerable body of language-based art. Another strain is the cataloguing and collecting of languages, to reveal their inherent strangeness. Moving fluidly between film, audio, video, and projection, and drawing on found materials such as wallpaper, postcards, and audio interviews, Hiller’s large-scale installations have done much in recent decades to redefine what a work of art can be.

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