Nomor research white paper

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Nomor research white paper

Cart Causes of Bird Mortality A chart showing estimated numbers of birds killed annually by each of several different causes.

Data from various sources. This chart and the following text were prepared in Any updates would be welcome. First, it should be stated that the single most significant threat to bird populations is habitat destruction, in all of its forms and with all of its causes.

The various causes of mortality outlined below kill individual birds directly, and can certainly have an adverse effect on population size, but can actually have a beneficial effect in some cases.

As long as the habitat is intact, the population has the potential to replace the lost birds. In simplest terms, habitat destruction reduces the population by reducing the available resources, denying birds the chance to reproduce, and effectively putting a cap on the population size.

The problems outlined below are serious threats and are implicated in the declines of many species. They should be addressed. Simple steps can be taken to reduce the number Nomor research white paper birds striking windows.

Decals that stick to the glass are not very effective, but strips of tape on the outside of the glass, or strings or feathers hanging outside the window, each no more than 10 inches apart, are fairly effective. Decorative features like stained glass designs or window dividers can achieve the same result.

Outside screens are very effective both to reduce the reflection and to cushion the impact. Any tall structure will kill birds by collision, and lighted towers attract birds at night.

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High tension line collisions — may kill up to million birds per year. Electrocutions kill tens of thousands of birds per year.

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This occurs mainly when large birds such as raptors make contact between a live electrical wire and a ground such as a pole. The relatively small number of birds affected belies the significance of this threat, since species such as Golden Eagle are more susceptible.

Large predators like eagles have smaller population sizes and lower reproduction rates than songbirds, so removing a few thousand birds from the population will have a much larger impact than removing the same number of, say, Savannah Sparrows.

Fortunately PacifiCorp, the owner of the poles, is committed to making changes to reduce electrocutions, and hopefully other regions will follow. Cars may kill 60 million birds per year.

Wind turbines may kill 33, birds per year, and, as in the case of electrocutions, these birds tend to be large and scarce e.

Nomor research white paper

Establishment of wind farms should go hand-in-hand with drastic cuts in electricity use, and there is a real need for more study of the relationship between birds and wind farms. Poisoning Pesticides may kill 72 million birds per year or possibly many more.

Nomor research white paper

The sub lethal effects of pesticides may also make the birds more susceptible to predators or unable to reproduce, essentially killing them. Some of this occurs in dramatic large spills, but most probably occurs in thousands of small incidental spills that are never reported or documented.

Oil and wastewater pits may kill up to 2 million birds per year. This lead in the form of bullets and shot and fishing sinkers is ingested by the birds, ground up in the gizzard and absorbed by the body. Alternative materials are now widely available and should be promoted.

Predation Hunting — as a point of reference the carefully-managed annual waterfowl hunt kills about 15 million birds a year in North America.

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This, of course, is balanced by extensive and well-funded management and conservation efforts so hunting is not a threat to the population of any North American bird, and conservation efforts led by hunters have been hugely beneficial to many species in addition to the ones being hunted.

Domestic and Feral Cats — may kill million birds per year or more. Predators, of course, account for the vast majority of bird deaths each year, and most of this predation is natural. Domestic cats are not natural predators, but kill many birds.

By-catch — Tens to hundreds of thousands of seabirds are caught each year in nets and on hooks intended for fish. Although the total number is small this source of mortality is having a profound impact on a few species of birds.

Disease Disease — Unknown numbers. Disease is a major source of mortality for birds, and may be the underlying cause of death in many cases of predation. Botulism can be a serious problem in wetlands where water is drying up. Related posts and pages:Do you need a free online form to help you collect money online?

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This chart and the following text were prepared in Any updates would be welcome. First, it should be stated that the single most significant threat to bird populations is habitat destruction, in all of its forms and with all of its causes.

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