Liposome research papers

Image source More than a year has passed since publication of the November blog entry Buckyballs, health and longevity — state of knowledgeIt will be another year or two before we know whether researchers are capable of reproducing the extraordinary longevity impacts on rats reported in the publication The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of [60] fullerene. But we can continue seriously discussing and speculating about the third question now, and that is the focus of this blog entry.

Liposome research papers

The position is available immediately. The appointee is expected to play a major role in one or more of the following areas: Interested applicants should send CV and letters of reference to: Resolving ligand binding mechanisms in peptide transporters A highly motivated biological magnetic resonance spectroscopist is sought to join a mature project to combine crystallography and solid-state NMR to define structure and function of peptide transporters, jointly supervised between Tony Watts http: Familiarity with other structural biology techniques and their extension into biochemical functional descriptions is desirable.

Knowledge of membrane transport assays using liposome based systems and experience of functional assays, would be an advantage.

Liposome research papers

The post holder will have primary responsibility for the project work, including planning and managing the research project. The post holder will also contribute to the general smooth running of the laboratory and will be expected to help with training and teaching within the laboratory.

Funding BBSRC is the funding body is available for 2 years start date asapupon satisfactory completion of a 3 month probationary period. For more details, please contact Tony Watts anthony.

The position is for one year 12 months with the possibility of renewal up to an additional four years, and the financial support does not depend on grant funding. The postdoctoral scholar will provide technical support for solid-state NMR, will assist with the effective operation of the facility, including maintenance of instruments and computers, and will provide instruction and training to new users of the instruments.

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The postdoctoral scholar will be expected to publish results from collaborations with College of Chemistry faculty and to participate in grant applications for funding new instruments.

Responsibilities The post-doctoral scholar will be responsible for: Providing NMR services to campus and outside entities as requested. This will include routine solid-state NMR consultation and sample services for principle investigators, and data analysis and interpretation for facility users.

Assisting with general facility maintenance including cryogen fills Helium and Nitrogenand maintenance of facility computers and websites. Performing minor repairs to the NMR instruments, and will help troubleshoot common instrument problems.

The incumbent will also coordinate efforts with individuals or vendors to arrange for repairs to equipment if such repairs cannot be accomplished in-house. A concurrent responsibility is the ordering of appropriate electronic, computer and consumable products.

Proficiency in operating Bruker NMR instruments; 3. Proficiency in solid-state NMR; 4. Excellent problem solving skills; 5.Favored Authors. We offer real benefits to our authors, including fast-track processing of papers.

Learn more. The Journal of Liposome Research publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed original work in the areas of liposomology, lipid biology, and both synthetic and physical lipid chemistry. Clinical, applied. ACS AuthorChoice - This is an open access article published under an ACS AuthorChoice License, which permits copying and redistribution of the article or any adaptations for non-commercial purposes.

The Journal of Liposome Research aims to publish original, high-quality, peer-reviewed research on the topic of liposomes and related systems, lipid-based delivery systems, lipid biology, and both synthetic and physical lipid chemistry.

experiences and other issues derived from the publication of papers are resolved. For topics on. term subsequently adopted to apply to liposomes sterically stabilized with polymers such as polyethylene glycol (PEG) (see below).

Previous research by Abuchowski and McCoy on attaching PEG to. Dr. K. Bangarurajan did his Degree in Pharmacy from Madras Medical College and M.

Pharmacy from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi in the Year and was awarded Ph.D. by Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University in the Year

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