Fun business planning activities for high school

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Fun business planning activities for high school

Assessment Introduction The lesson sequence is designed to take a group through the creation of a business plan for use is a semester or year-long business simulation or project.

It begins with a lecture and readings on the purposes and parts of a business plan, proceeds to evaluate a sample business plan as guided practice, the lets the team loose to develop their own business plan as "independent practice.

Why use icebreakers?

The lesson " Discover your Potential " may be used to support the definition and acceptance of a business concept for this project. The completion of these three plans will provide the group a complete business plan.

The scope and depth of the business plan assignment will need to be determined by the teacher in advance, depending on the number of - and abilities of - the students available to work on the plan, the length of the course semester, year-long, etc.

As with any planning exercise, your group will get out of it what it puts into it. Careful consideration is needed to balance the efforts expended developing the plan, with the available resources and time to execute the plan. Prior to beginning the project, you will need to: You and the CEO will need to become familiar with it, and the market for the selected business in your community, to support the guided practice section of the lesson.

This will vary depending on the size of the team and the complexity of the project. Recall also that planning is a cyclical process; you may want to build in a business plan review at the mid-point of the class.

Students will work individually and in teams to review the elements of a business plan, and once prepared, proceed to create a plan for their course project. Students will gain a better understanding of the research and planning required to plan for a new venture.

Individual team members will gain different skills depending on which team they participate with. Assessments are made at a few steps in the lesson. First, of the CEOs presentation of the sample business plan, and second, and the groups develop example sections of their plan for an existing local business.

The final evaluation of the success of the plan is derived from the overall success of the business simulation project which the plan creates.Study Skills for High School and Beyond - PDF; How do Your Skills Measure Up - Workbooks Planning for College Activities and Worksheets Additional Career and College Planning Resources.

Preparing for Work - Job, Resume and Interview - Printable Worksheets, Workbooks and Handouts. Workforce Preparation and Working. Business Plan Templates. Many of these organizations have residential or day camps for high school students focused on specific topics such as music, creative writing, science, engineering and a variety of other areas of interest.


fun business planning activities for high school

Cognitive processes such as reasoning, planning, and judgment are involved. “A successful fun run accomplishes all the things a PTO tries to create all year. It builds school spirit, increases participation, raises school pride, and is a fabulous, fun whole-school event,” says Stacey Brickman, who has organized several elementary and middle school fun runs in West Bloomfield, Mich.

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10/01/ Turn Your Career Fair Into a Fun-Filled, Informative Scavenger Hunt! by Andrea M. Pearman How successful was your last career fair?

Were your students % engaged on their own or only pretending to be interested because they were required to take part in the event? We select a topic we all know - for example the school they are attending. We talk about opportunities the school has to improve. I document this list on the board.

We then identify four main categories of the business/school, for example - Financial, Customer, Business Process, Learning and Growth.

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