Financial analysis of samsung

Hire Writer By contrast, a cordless telephone is used only within the short range of a single, private base station. In addition to telephone, modern mobile phones also support a wide variety of other services such as text messaging, MMS, email, Internet access, short-range wireless communications infrared, Bluetoothbusiness applications, gaming and photography. Mobile phones that offer these and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.

Financial analysis of samsung

By Abhijeet Pratap Filed Under: Apart from the increased sales of the smart-phones, the brand is also known or technological innovation. Samsung is an electronics brand that has retained its constant focus on innovation and discovery.

It has brought several innovative products to the market. It is known for constantly driving innovation across several product categories including TVs, smart-phones, wearable devices, tablets, cameras, digital appliances, medical equipment, network systems, and semiconductor and LED solutions.

Year was a year of great results for the Samsung brand. As per forecasts the demand growth for smart-phones where Ai can be the most important differentiating factor.

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This is a five forces analysis that evaluates how the brand affects and is affected by competition. The five forces model was developed by Michael E Porter, in At its core are five important five forces that are a part of every industry and market and affect competitive intensity. Bargaining power of suppliers: The sources from which firms obtain raw materials for the purpose of production are called as suppliers.

The suppliers are an important group and their bargaining power and important force affecting the firm. The higher the bargaining power of the suppliers, the lower is the competitive strength of the firm. In case of Samsung, the bargaining power of the suppliers is very low.

The low bargaining power of the suppliers is due to several factors and one of them is their small size and low financial strength. Moreover, Samsung can easily switch from one supplier to a new one.

financial statements in the period in which changes are made and, if material, their effects are disclosed in the notes to the financial statements. The company is a public limited company incorporated and domiciled in India and has its registered office at Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Video created by Yonsei University for the course "Financial Analysis for Startups". Financial statements contains a huge amount of information. Thus, financial ratios are used broadly to condense them into a convenient form. During the year, Samsung had a . Financial ratio analysis is an important topic and is covered in all mainstream corporate finance textbooks. It is also a popular agenda item in investment club meetings. It is widely used to summarize the information in a company's financial statements in assessing its financial health.

In case of the suppliers, losing business from Samsung can mean a big loss of financial support for a supplier. Samsung frames the rules that the suppliers are required to follow and conducts regular investigations to check if the suppliers are following the rules.

There are rules related to labor welfare, child labor as well as sustainability. All these rules are important and Samsung can eliminate the suppliers that do not follow the rules.

Bargaining power of customers: Samsung makes a large range of products including mobile products, TV and Home theatres, computing related products and home appliances.

The bargaining power of individual customers may be low, but that of the corporate buyers and the customers as a group is significant.

In the 21st century there are many factors that have led to rise in the bargaining power of the customers. The customers are well informed and they have several options for most products.

They can easily select a brand of their choice and shop from several sources. There are no switching costs and the result is that the bargaining power of customers. There is a high level of competition between the brands and most of them are competing for customers.

Financial analysis of samsung

Samsung is an established brand name and its continuous focus on technological innovation is also an important factor that leads to higher bargaining power of the brand compared to the customers.

Threat of new entrants:Samsung Inc. Financial Analysis Home Essay Samples Samsung Inc. Financial Analysis During the financial year under review, Samsung Electronics Inc., like in other previous years realized an increase in profitability with a sales' revenue increasing by % in the year ending 31 st December, compared to the year ending December This Samsung SWOT analysis reveals how the second largest technology company used its competitive advantages to become a leader in consumer electronics, home appliances and .

Compared to other major Korean companies, Samsung survived the Asian financial crisis relatively unharmed. However, Samsung Motor was sold to Renault at a significant loss. As of , Renault Samsung is percent owned by Renault and percent owned by Samsung.

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