Enc1102 essay 1 understanding montresor

Journal 2 I grew up on Long Island, in a town called Huntington. It was the wealthier part of the island. You could tell from the way everyone tried to keep up with one another through material possessions. There was a large population of Jewish people and very few Italians.

Enc1102 essay 1 understanding montresor

The whole plot deals with the inebriation and, ultimately, the live burial of the antagonist, Fortunato. The most prominent theme running through this story is the theme of revenge. What makes this story so popular can be seen in the way it was written.

Ultimately, this story allows you to enter the mind of a murderer. This story also reflects many views of society in this time period. Revenge is a popular subject among people; as much now as it was back when this story was published. The reality of revenge is that it is impractical.

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One must ask them self several questions before going about things vindictively. Is it worth going to jail over? Will it ease my pain and suffering?

Enc1102 essay 1 understanding montresor

Is it just a good idea? In this story, the protagonist thinks carefully about the subject of revenge and the subject of his revenge. Even with clear motives, the leading character is still quick to think.

He is too quick to act, and he acts with anger. His actions cause a sort of hurried, spur-of-the-moment action. This reflects a possible way of thinking during the time period that this was written in.

The discovery of gold in this far away land of California led to one of the biggest migrations that the United States had seen. So it can be said that these migratory folk, that traveled miles, were quick to act.

They risked their lives, their families, and all of their possession, for a small chance of getting rich in California.

Depending on the situation of each person in that era, it would have, or would not have been, a good idea to travel to California for gold. Therefore, one could conclude that rushing to California on a whim is an irrational decision, and is not thought out to the fullest extent that it should be.

Trust is an issue in this story. Fortunato, whom had been insulting and offending Montresor to the highest degree, decides to foolishly trust him and accept his offer to go to his house and drink with him.

This action of Fortunato, to me, seems absurd. If it were I that insulted a man and then was invited to his home to drink together, "[we] to your long life," I would not trust him.

Enc1102 essay 1 understanding montresor

Fortunato trusts Montresor enough to drink past a healthy drunkenness and to walk the dark halls of his house with him. The one object that places the biggest role in the control and direction of the story is the alcohol.

Another fact is that Montresor seems very hospitable. He willing gives his prized wine to Fortunato to drink. Fortunato willing accepts, for he cannot resist a free drink. Buy Now The horror of being buried alive is a fear that nearly everyone has thought about at one time or another.Cardona Ruiz 1.

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Announcements Assignments. Extra-Credit Essay 1, and Work for Week 3. Top of the Morning! Walk2Nicaragua this Saturday! Welcome. Please note that the assignment list encompasses both of the ENC classes I am teaching. Freshman English I Section I Grammar and Usage Review Section II Literature Vocabulary Grammar and Style casks and barrels, niter, a trowel, Montresor’s cloak, the flambeaux, two roof supports, two iron staples, a short chain, a padlock, and a key.

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