Disadvantages of children working in reality shows

David Chilton David Chilton was born in October, He is a television personality, an investor and an author. He has also compiled a series of low fat cook books which have also become bestsellers.

Disadvantages of children working in reality shows

Watchgroup backlash[ edit ] Parents' lobby groups such as Action for Children's Television appeared in the late s. They voiced concerns about the presentation of commercialismviolence, anti-social attitudes and stereotypes in Saturday morning cartoons.

By the s, these Disadvantages of children working in reality shows exercised enough influence that the television networks felt compelled to lay down more stringent content rules for the animation houses. Decline[ edit ] The decline of the timeslot somewhat began in the early s for a variety of reasons, including: The rise of first-run syndicated animated programs, which usually had a greater artistic freedom and looser standards than those that were mandated by a network.

These programs included G. This required all broadcast networks to air "educational and informational" children's programs for at least three hours a week. Concurrent with this, the Federal Trade Commission outlawed the advertising of both premium-rate telephone numbers and tie-in merchandise during children's hours.

Both of these factors limited creative options and cut off large revenue sources for children's programs on network television, and would overrun Saturday morning cartoons.

In addition, visitation periods for the secondary custodial parent often occurred Saturday mornings and afternoons, changing the routines of these children from a steady schedule every weekend. To help their affiliates comply with the regulations, broadcast networks began to reorganize their efforts to adhere to the mandates, so their affiliates would not bear the burden of scheduling the shows themselves on their own time thus eliminating the risk of having network product preempted by the mandates.

This almost always meant that the educational programming was placed during the Saturday morning cartoon block. NBC abandoned its original Saturday morning cartoon lineup inreplacing it with a Saturday morning edition of Today and adding an all live-action teen-oriented block, TNBCwhich featured Saved by the BellCalifornia Dreams and other teen comedies.

Cartoons returned to the network in the fall ofafter cable network Discovery Kids now Discovery Family won the rights to the timeslot in an auction, beating out other children's television companies notably Nickelodeonwhich already programmed CBS's Saturday morning block as Nick Jr.

InABC was the last of the broadcast networks to add a Saturday morning edition of its morning news program in their case, Good Morning America Weekend in the first hour of its lineup, mainly due to internal affiliate criticism of the lack of network coverage for the February Space Shuttle Columbia disaster which occurred on a Saturday morning, forcing them to take coverage from other video wire services.

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Prior to that, and particularly in the early s, it was not uncommon for affiliates to preempt part or all of ABC's cartoon lineup with local programming. Following the closure of its 4Kids TV block inFox would not carry any children's programming at all for five years until the launch of Xploration Station.

The WB was far more accommodating; for several years, the network aired the history-themed Histeria!

Disadvantages of children working in reality shows

Several channels, while not offering original animated series, do air reruns of older Saturday morning cartoons. Boomeranga spin-off channel of Cartoon Network, specialized primarily in reruns of Saturday morning cartoons from the s and s the majority of which come from Hanna-Barbera, which, like Boomerang, is owned by Time Warner.

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In the s, the channel's focus shifted toward airing reruns of canceled animated series from the s and s many of which were never intended for the Saturday morning programming blockand as ofall earlier cartoons are relegated to graveyard slots.

Hub Network owned the broadcast rights to rerun several of Fox Kids ' most popular programs this was a byproduct of former Fox Kids head Margaret Loesch working as head of the Hub Network at the time ; the majority of that programming was dropped or relegated to early morning timeslots when Loesch left the network and the channel was relaunched as Discovery Family in Inthe major networks began to phase out weekend-morning educational programming aimed towards preteen audiences, in favor of live-action reality and docuseries outsourced to other producers.What are the advantages and disadvantages of reality shows?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 7 Answers. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of a sponsorship for television (especially for reality shows)? Especially for children and teenagers, reality shows makes them depressed and emotionally strained.

A major disadvantage of reality TV shows is that they are cited as a bad influence on the younger generations. You will see young kids coming out with bad language, disrespect for their parents and bad habits; all arguably stemming from the people they like or follow on reality TV shows.

Reality TV shows are often forgotten within weeks of being aired; unlike classic films, comedy shows and documentaries which can be remembered for years to come. Advantages Reality TV shows do often reveal a side to our culture and society that may otherwise go unnoticed. Saturday-morning cartoon is a colloquial term for the original animated television programming that was typically scheduled on Saturday mornings in the United States on the major television schwenkreis.com genre's popularity had a broad peak from the late s through the early s; after this point, it declined in the face of changing cultural norms, increased competition from formats.

Reality Television is an Oxymoron Television over the years has changed from innocent, family friendly shows like “Parkinson” and “Match of the day Words; 5 Pages; . James Trevor Oliver was born on 27 March in Essex, England. He is a celebrity chef, media personality and restaurateur.

He is well known for his cookbooks and television shows.

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