Conclusion of illegal drugs

Health Warnings According to a study published this month in The Lancet, alcohol and tobacco rank among the ten most dangerous substances used by humans. Both alcohol and tobacco have been assessed to be more dangerous than illegal drugs like marijuana or ecstasy. The following three factors were considered in ranking the harmfulness of each drug that was evaluated:

Conclusion of illegal drugs

The use of drugs has been proven by many health care Conclusion of illegal drugs as damaging — causing both physical and mental disintegration to individuals who abuse it. Aside from health issues, excessive use of drug causes social stigma that provides discriminatory effect on many drug dependents.

Despite of the prevailing laws against the use and trade of illegal drug and the accompanying stigma against it, its rate of incidences consistently increases.

Conclusion of illegal drugs

In addition to this, the type of substances susceptible to abuse seems to grow steadily, as well. Sadly, the tendency of this issue to grow is undeniable.

In fact, trading illegal drug has become an international business. Today, problems on illegal drug trade has proliferated the world as many illegal drug dealers even trade from one continent to another. The bothering scenario on drug trade of illegal substances makes for an interesting research paper topic.

If you are writing an illegal drug trade essay then, familiarizing yourself with the different illegal substances will be useful. Another useful idea that you can consider is seeking custom essays written by professionals. Read more on the following topics: Aside from drugs, alcohol and cigarette are the usual substances that are abused.

Dependent on the country the prohibition for these substances varies. Cannabis Cannabis or Marijuana in many countries all over the world is illegal. Many individuals abuse it for recreational purposes.

However, it has also been used in some countries as a prescription drug. Holland, Canada and some US states are some of the areas where Cannabis use is considered legal.

Despite the lax guidelines implemented by some countries, many medical studies have shown its negative effect on human and their health. Alcohol Though not classified as a drug, some countries in the world consider its trade highly illegal.

In some regions, alcohol is only allowed if it satisfies the threshold implemented by the government. Tobacco In the United Kingdom, tobacco has become a substance that is being traded illegally.

This practice started when heavy taxation was incorporated into Tobacco selling. The exorbitant fee that the government charges on Tobacco purchased became the reason why illegal trade began.

Heroin Afghanistan currently holds the title of being the largest heroin exporter in the world. Afghanistan was responsible for the majority of the opiates circulating the world market.

Many smugglers and dealers in the United States of America prefer selling heroin because of its high profitability. According to the drug enforcement agency of USA, the price of heroin is 8 to 10 times higher than that of cocaine.

Methamphetamine Many drug distributors prefer methamphetamine because of its ease on the production. Referred by many as meth or crystals, this substance is administered by injection.

Conclusion of illegal drugs

Hence, the risks of physical and mental disintegration are not the only source of cause for a user. Many medical practitioners insist that meth users have higher risk of HIV and hepatitis C transmission.

The rate of abuse on this substance is truly bothersome. In South Africa, even 8 year old children have been identified as meth substance users.

Pharmaceutical drugs Since heroin, cannabis and methamphetamine have been consistently monitored by varied organizations all over the world, many drug users and dealers turn to pharmaceutical drugs. Some of these drugs render a similar effect. The accessibility and availability of these drugs are the key points that drug dealers and users consider in favoring pharmaceutical drugs.

Temazepam is a drug that is created to treat insomnia. Its hypnotic effect is the reason why many users tend to abuse it.

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There are many illegal and laboratories situated in Eastern Europe, producing temazepam. In United Kingdom, this drug is considered as the most abused legal prescription drug. With our professional writers, you can only expect the best from us.

We provide academic research paper samples that have high quality.The prohibition of drugs through sumptuary legislation or religious law is a common means of attempting to prevent the recreational use of certain harmful drugs and other intoxicating substances..

While some drugs are illegal to possess, many governments regulate the manufacture, distribution, marketing, sale and use of certain drugs, for . The drugs, the side effects, and how these affect our loved ones.

From experience I can say that using drugs and going the wrong way will always bring problems to the table, emotionally and financially. I will also be talking about drugs and where they come from, who the bad people are that sell these drugs to our kids, our friends. Conclusion.

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Drug abuse is something which has become a serious problem in many countries and the war against it has to be fought together. It has hounded humanity for many years now and ought to be put an end to.

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Conclusion Drug Addiction Drug addiction is a powerful demon that can sneak up on you and take over your life before you know it has even happened.

What started out as just a recreational lifestyle has overcome your life and affected every single aspect of it. Buying Drugs Online on Silk Road Drugs | A Short History As virtually everybody is probably aware, the drugs trade has not always been connected to the internet and even today only a small portion of the global market is located online.

As a matter of fact, what is today considered as illegal drugs.

70 million Americans taking mind-altering drugs