Brett whiteley self portrait studio essay

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Brett whiteley self portrait studio essay

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In Dialogue with the Muse of Art History: He had a precocious talent for drawing, winning an art prize at the age of seven, the first of many that came early in his career. His parents were keen on the theatre and the arts and encouraged their son to pursue his interest in drawing and painting.

Brett and his older sister Francis had plenty of opportunity to observe their parents enjoying the good life, partying with their friends at their big house in Longueville. The budding painter was introduced early to the joys of smoking, alcohol and sex among his adult acquaintances, possibly a factor relevant to his addictive personality in later life.

InBrett was sent to boarding school at the prestigious Scots College. While there, he asked his mother to buy him a second hand easel Brett whiteley self portrait studio essay some books about Augustus John and Jacob Epstein. He also discovered the work of Lloyd Rees, another famous Australian painter who lived nearby.

His apotheosis occurred at the age of sixteen, when he discovered a book about Van Gogh, an experience he recorded later in the following words: I picked up the book and studied it — it completely changed my way of seeing.

The immediate effect was a heightening of reality in that everything I looked at took on an intensity. I remember having this very, very powerful sense that my destiny was to completely give myself to painting.

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It is clear from this account that the young Brett Whitely had a deeply serious side to his nature and was both highly intelligent and mature for his age.

Brett left school in and went to work at Lintas Advertising Agency in the commercial art department. He attended life classes at the National Art School, where he met his childhood sweetheart, Wendy Julius. In the same year he won an award in the Young Painters section of the Bathurst Art show.

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In the period up tohe converted the glasshouse at home into an art studio and painted landscapes in the local area. Like his hero, Van Gogh, he associated with the poor and homeless working on sketches for paintings at the Sydney Soup Kitchen and Night Refuge.

In Whiteley left Lintas to concentrate on painting for the Italian Government Travelling Art Scholarship, which he won, travelling to Naples in Februaryand visiting London and Paris in the same year.

After he exhibited widely and won many prizes, including the International Prix at the Paris Biennale. By the mid s he had become firmly established as a leading young Australian painter whose accomplishments had become too many to record outside a tedious list.

Brett had married Wendy in and fully exploited her as his model and muse. The design of the painting is dominant; with the bold, unrelieved black area highlighting the figure crouched in the bath, beneath a running shower.

The painting expresses the concerns of contemporary painters: This element of psychological fragility was to permeate much of his later work that has been classified as surrealist. The drawing, Shaving off a Secondwell illustrates his powers as a draughtsman and thinker, grappling with the radical ideas of his times.

The drawing, with its quotation from the Tao Te Ching, challenges the viewer, the narcissist in the mirror, to rise to the challenge of becoming a great artist at all levels. The painting is notable for its experimentation with photography, steel, Perspex, fibreglass, weaponry, pieces of musical instruments, fur, cloth, and barbed wire.

Brett Whiteley, Alchemy InWhiteley began work on another 18 panel mural, entitled Alchemy, which can be seen as an attempt to consolidate his oeuvre in a masterpiece. In constructing these lage scale works, Brett drew upon a wide range of drawing experience, both from life and from an intense study of painters from Rembrandt to Modigliani.

These two large paintings have been described as disasters, because they are overloaded with cultural baggage from the s. However, Brett regarded Alchemy as one of his best works, even though it had drained him physically and psychologically.

The sculpture depicted on the right and others in the background remind us that Brett was at home with this art form too. In he became the only Australian artist to win the Archibald twiceSulman and Wynne art prizes. Whiteley had scored his first success as a landscape painter and never forgot his early inspiration in the work of Van Gogh.

The peculiar painting below is one of many attempts to capture the spirit of the Dutch painter, whose works also trod the fine line between drawing on nature and on a highly charged emotional and spiritual nature that contributed to his failure and early death. In terms of success, the two painters could not have been more different, and Whitely must surely have wondered whether his perfect career might have had a deleterious effect on his work.

Brett Whiteley, The Blossom Tree Brett was a master of line, a skill he augmented with a study of oriental art and calligraphy. In the nude portrait of Wendy belowthe influence of both Modigliani and Matisse is evident. The inclusion of a drawing of the garden and small objects on the table adds to the intimacy and intense sexual charge of the painting, although both Brett and Wendy were heavy heroin users at the time.

The elegant design and sonorous tones make this one of the great nude paintings of the 20th Century. Brett and Wendy divorced in after years of self-destruction and drug abuse. Brett Whiteley, Wendy At the end of his career, Brett concentrated on drawing, travelling to Bali and Japan with his new girlfriend Janice Spencer.Watch the Latest Videos including Featured News Videos and Sports Videos and News Highlights.

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Brett whiteley self portrait studio essay

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Self Portrait in the Studio is a x cm, oil, collage and hair on canvas painting drawn by Sydney-born Brett Whitley who was born in and died in He has travelled widely in his life.

His last studio, in Lavender Bay, is now a museum managed by the Art Gallery of NSW. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. A. Cezarija Abartis. Cezarija Abartis’ Nice Girls and Other Stories was published by New Rivers Press.


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