Biodiesel plant business plan

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Biodiesel plant business plan

Bio Diesel Powered Fast Attack Craft Of Indian Navy Biodiesel is now being produced locally in India for use in stationary engines and large or slow engines like those in trains, trucks and tractors.

Efforts are also on to use ethanol as a substitute for petrol. Biodiesel is rapidly replacing both kerosene which was used illegally and inefficiently and diesel as a more efficient, cheap, and clean alternative for large engines.

Today plans are being chalked out to cultivate non-edible seed oil trees such as Pongamia on barren land to use their oil for biodiesel production. The Southern Railways have been very supportive of the program and various state governments recommend planting these plants in unused areas through aid from the government sectors.

Biodiesel-blends are being used to run state transport corporation buses in Karnataka. The University of Agriculture Sciences at Bangalore has identified many elite lines of Jatropha curcas and Millettia pinnata Pongamia tree. Castor is already a well established crop in India with several very high yielding varieties in the market.

Large-scale activities have been initiated quite recently. For example, the government of Karnataka has distributed several biodiesel plant business plan saplings of Pongamia to farmers for planting along borders of farmland and in biodiesel plant business plan lands.

The hilly areas of the North-East are ideal for growing hardy, low-maintenance plants. Indian Oil Corporation has tied up with Indian Railways to introduce biodiesel crops over 1 million square kilometers. Also, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh have tied up with IndianOil to cultivate large tracts of land with jatropha, the former crop of choice for Indian biodiesel plans.

Jatropha is now being replaced by Pongamia and Castor due to its very comparative high cost of cultivation. In order to organize the industry, the BioDiesel Society of India has been formed to encourage energy plantations for increasing feedstock supplies. Indonesia[ edit ] Since Septemberthe Eterindo Group has been producing biodiesel using palm oil.

Currently the production capacity of the Eterindo Group has reachedtonnes of Biodiesel annually. It is now exploring another export destinations, i. Asia Pacific countries, etc. It is expected that biodiesel production of Indonesia will reach more than 3. The amounts produced in these experiments are up to 10, liters a month.

The lack of production of biodiesel in Israel is in contrary with the Research and Development abilities of the country, for Israel is a center of development for agriculture technologies.

Italy[ edit ] Italy has the capacity to produce over 2, million litres of biodiesel each year, but due to competition from imports, production has decreased to abouttonnes in Friends of the Earth has published a report asserting that clearance of forests for oil-palm plantations is threatening some of the last habitat of the orangutan.

If true, then biodiesel production from plantation-grown palm oil may be a net source of atmospheric carbon dioxide. The palm oil industry has recognized this concerned and in conjunction with the WWF has formed the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil RSPO which endeavours to ensure development of palm oil in a sustainable way.

Inafter many delays Malaysia began the introduction in the sale of B5 biodiesel in most petrol stations in the country. Most of biodiesel produced in Lithuania is consumed at the local market and a fraction exported.

Norway[ edit ] Biodiesel has been launched across all of Norway. Starting fromthe B5 diesel has been the standard fuel at almost all stations, and the transformation from normal diesel will be completed within [ citation needed ] Pakistan[ edit ] In Pakistan Biodiesel has been launched by Pakistan State Oil in the Sindh province.

Although details about the Biodeisel are still cloudy as there was almost no media campaign, the mix used is E Currently ethanol is being derived from Sugar Mills, that produce it as a by product and in many cases, use it to power their own mills.

biodiesel plant business plan

Papua New Guinea[ edit ] Biodiesel is produced from Copra oil oil extracted from coconuts in a processing plant at Buka[ citation needed ] on the island of Bougainville, vehicles which run on this fuel have a sticker on the doors which says "powered by Coconuts".

This fuel is cheaper and more readily available than imported PetroDiesel. Spain[ edit ] It is possible to buy biodiesel, mixed with diesel fuel, in more than petrol stations around the country.Planet Ark is all about creating positive environmental actions, for everyone – but especially for you.

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biodiesel plant business plan

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