Anatomy pictures essay

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Anatomy pictures essay

Received Feb 13; Accepted Feb Abstract Understanding the anatomy of the ankle ligaments is important for correct diagnosis and treatment.

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Ankle ligament injury is the most frequent cause of acute ankle pain. Chronic ankle pain often finds its cause in laxity of one of the ankle ligaments.

In this pictorial essay, the ligaments around the ankle are grouped, depending on their anatomic orientation, and each of the ankle ligaments is discussed in detail. Ankle anatomy, Lateral collateral ligament, Medial collateral ligament, Ankle impingement, Ankle sprain Introduction Despite the fact that the ankle ligaments are prone to injury during the fast majority of sports, literature focusing on the ankle ligaments is rare.

Proper anatomic knowledge of the different ligaments is important for a correct diagnosis and subsequent treatment. The most common mechanism of injury to the ankle ligaments is inversion of the foot [ 433 ]. With this mechanism of injury, the anterior talofibular ligament is the first or only ligament to sustain injury [ 43 ].

A total rupture involves the calcaneofibular ligament and the posterior talofibular ligaments as well [ 9 ]. An eversion injury will cause damage to the deltoid ligaments [ 3 ], while a hyperdorsiflexion trauma might cause an injury to the syndesmotic ligaments [ 11 ].

The ligaments around the ankle can be divided, depending on their anatomic position, into three groups: In this review article, these three groups of ligaments are described separately, and in each section, the specific ligaments are described in detail.

The lateral and medial collateral ligaments The lateral collateral ligament complex LCL consists of the anterior talofibular, the calcaneofibular, and the posterior talofibular ligaments. The medial collateral ligaments MCLalso known as the deltoid ligament, are a multifascicular group of ligaments and can roughly be divided into a superficial and deep group of fibers [ 8242836 ].

Lateral collateral ligaments Anterior talofibular ligament The anterior talofibular ligament is the most frequently injured ligament of the ankle and is the most frequently observed injury in the emergency room [ 7 ] Fig.

This ligament plays an important role in limiting anterior displacement of the talus and plantar flexion of the ankle [ 40 ].The anatomy of the domestic cat which includes its muscles, nerves, bones, teeth, claws, hormones and senses, is almost perfect for hunting prey or escaping danger and is also almost exactly the same as the anatomy of a tiger or lion.

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Mar 23,  · Understanding the anatomy of the ankle ligaments is important for correct diagnosis and treatment. Ankle ligament injury is the most frequent cause of acute ankle pain.

Chronic ankle pain often finds its cause in laxity of one of the ankle ligaments.

Anatomy pictures essay

In this pictorial essay, the ligaments around the. Anatomy of the Perfect Essay Paragraph Structure January 18, You’ve done all the leg work—identified your topic, crafted the perfect thesis statement, researched like .

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