A business plan should do all of the following exception has caused

Where access and egress is important to the overall safety of the development, this should be discussed with the local planning authority and Environment Agency at the earliest stage, as this can affect the overall design of the development. Access and egress must be designed to be functional for changing circumstances over the lifetime of the development. Access routes should allow occupants to safely access and exit their dwellings in design flood conditions.

A business plan should do all of the following exception has caused

The assistance of an architectural firm may be necessary to review programmatic needs and identify the appropriate amount and type of space required. For minor projects, the information contained in this document may be sufficient to determine the best option to address space needs.

For significant projects, the analysis of the options for acquiring or using space should be part of a comprehensive Business Plan that considers other factors besides those identified below.


Elements of a Business Plan are provided at the end of this paper. With a good understanding of space needs, the relative merits of the factors to be considered should be weighed. First, the critical factors must be identified; then the others, even though not determinant, should be reviewed.

An explanation of the factors to consider follows. In addition, a matrix of decision factors has been provided to define the possible optimal solutions based on these factors.

Note that not all projects fit neatly into this matrix; it is simply meant as a guide and special circumstances will require exceptions. Availability of Space and Market First, consideration should be given to existing University space that is, or soon may become available.

Business unit staff responsible for assignment of space should be consulted to discuss programmatic space needs in order to determine what space could be used. When University space is not available, lease or purchase may be considered. Each market differs over time.

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Before considering the relative advantages of leasing vs. Even when other factors dictate a lease or purchase decision, a comparison of available properties should be made.

If a property offered for sale meets other required criteria, it must be available at a reasonable cost.


Usually this is determined by having two appraisals prepared and negotiating for purchase at or below appraised value. Suitability of Space When considering suitability of space, questions which should be asked include: Is the internal layout of the space appropriate for the program?

What modifications would be necessary? What costs will be incurred to prepare the space for use? Modifications can result in significant additional costs. However, when existing University facilities are used, or existing space is leased or purchased, any additional costs associated with renovations to retrofit the space to suit programmatic needs should be considered.

All construction on a University-occupied facility must comply with appropriate codes. Work done by the landlord as part of a general finish does not require prevailing wages.

Urgency of Need The relative urgency of the space requirements may drive the decision to purchase, lease, or build. Immediate needs may require a lease.

If there is less urgency, a longer lead time may allow renovation, purchase, or construction.

a business plan should do all of the following exception has caused

In some circumstances, a combination of these options may be best - with an initial lease while a facility is renovated, purchased, or constructed. Duration of Need Generally, purchase or construction of a facility should not be considered when the duration of the need for space is short or unknown.

For new programs, it is often best to lease until the success of the program is proven. The exception would be when there is such a significant general need for space that if the program that initially occupies the space is discontinued, the space would be in demand by another program.

Flexibility The future growth or contraction of the program should be considered. Generally more flexibility is achieved by leasing than by the other options.

a business plan should do all of the following exception has caused

Location One of the first questions to ask is, Should this program be on or off campus? Proximity to an existing program can have a significant impact on the efficiency of operations. The need to physically interact with other units should be reviewed — including the frequency and type of interaction.

Costs associated with staff travel and accessing services should be considered. If the program seeking space would function most efficiently in close proximity to existing departments or programs, identifying or building space in the vicinity should be considered.

In some cases, this may be one of the primary factors governing the decision. Each campus has developed a master plan that identifies campus boundaries and areas to be acquired. If a facility within the master plan is offered for sale, both immediate and long-term needs should be considered.

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